de Brailita kennel

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Canisa "de Brailita"

Latest news.

In this page we will present the latest competitonal results of our dogs and we will introduce the newest litters of puppies and adult dogs currently for sale.

June 2012 

A litter born on june 13

Mother is Olga de Brailita. Father is Carlos de Cazasu.

More pictures with parents and puppies HERE


Z Litter born on june 4th from very good parents.

Mother is Codina de Brailita. Father is Nayan de Brailita.

More pictures with the parents and puppies HERE


October 2011

"Russian Ovtcharka Club" CCRTT - Romania, Arad 08.10.2011
Luna de Brailita

luna club.jpg

Ex1 CAC ,Champion class,Club Winner,
Best female,Best of Breed and Best in Show

Father- Capone de Brailita (Arkan- Tajga)
Mother- Miszehazi Satan Vina (sister of world and european champion M.S. Mery)

Breeder- De Brailita Kennel
Owner- Nedelcu Cezar








 Updated on 12th of March 2011: The first litter of romanian shepherd of Bukovina puppies!

Updated on 4th of January 2011: Happy New Year! We start in full the new year and present to you fresh pictures with puppies from M, N and O litters.

Updated on 26th of November: A new exceptional mount in our kennel!!!Puppies were born at october 28th! As we got into the way lately,with extraordinary couples,we now offer puppies from a great genetic value couple Faya de Brailita and RUSSKIY RISK BOYAVOY World & European Winner,Junior World Winner!!!

  • Faya is a very large,solid and wide female,she comes from amazing parents: Great Arkan,who no longer needs a description and Elba-the biggest female i ever saw,with some features that puts her above lots of males(she had 17,5 cm in metacarpus!!!).Faya grew,lives and guards a very big farm that belongs to our good friend,Vet.Dr.Valentin Georgescu. Without his help and dedication to this breed,this mount woudln't have been possible,and we would like to tank him for his passion. Faya "ownes" a few acres of land and she often has to fight with wild pigs,prairie wolves,foxes,badgers,etc. She prooved to be very brave,many times.

  • Boyavoy,it's a male with a fantastic record,he is considered to have the ideal head for this breed. He is a specimen with the best characteristics for the breed,impeccable attitude and moovement,very good anatomy,he was born in the famous russian kennel,Russkiy Risk,that belong to a great breeder Tatyana Yagodkina. So,in this mount we find great balance between massiveness,rough force and energy of Arkan,Elba and Faya with nobleness and outstanding qualities polished by many generations of russian breeders of the elegant diamond Boyavoy,and other famous sires that contributed to his genetic riches:Gvidon,As,Demon,Varna,Zhan-Krist,etc.

zoo1.JPG zoo2.JPG zoo3.JPG zoo4.JPG zoo5.JPG

Updated on 2nd of November: After a lot of waiting we are both proud and excited to announce the litter "N" born in 26.09.2010 from Arkan (Safari de Valeni) and Annushka (Dikaya Staya Arabskaya Noch).

  • Arkan is a giant male,strong,extremely solid,great big bones,imposing and the qualities could go on.He is unique,once seen he can't be forgotten,he is the son of spectacular Gorby.

  • Annushka if typical female,representative for this breed,with perfect anatomy and movement,very good head,great pigment. Her genetic baggage is very valuable and brings togheter the work for decades of the most prestigious soviets breeders,in her pedigree there are famous dogs as Osip,Shato,Razmer,As,Archil,Chinara,Brigada,Ljubava,etc.In addition she is the daughter of multi titrated Rusky Risk Boyavoy. In some people's opinion he is the male with best head,ideal for this breed. Boyavoy's track record includes: World Champion, Junior World Champion, European Champion, Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Ukraine, Junior Champion of Moldavia, Champion of Moldavia, Grand Champion of Moldavia, Champion of Croatia, Champion of Ukraine, Grand Champion of Ukraine, Champion Of Romania, Club Winner BOB Euroasia 2007!

Updated on 26th of October 2010: New pictures with Baron de Brailita si Codina de Brailita.

Updated on 21st of October 2010: We are both glad and proud to announce the "M" litter ,puppies born on 23rd of September 2010 from a splendid match among Baron de Brailita and Codina de Brailita. Both parents are product of our hard work at the kennel.

  • Baron is the son of Arkan and M.S. Uli.A great sized,imposing male,he inherited his father's attributes very good,85 cm tall,massive,aggressive,agile,dark colour(grey-black) and very affectionate with his family.
  • Codina is the daughter of Ursu and Luna de Brailita,an extraordinary genetic combination. She is also Arkan's great granddaughter,and Capone's granddaughter,another spectacular,impresive and very beautiful male.

The descendants of this litter are our hard work and thinking of many years,plus it is a inbreeding 2/4 on Arkan.

Updated on 13th of September 2010: New pictures with Kira de Brailita.

Updated on 10th of September 2010: a new female - Faya de Brailita.

Updated on 23rd of July 2010: New pictures with Dikaya Staya Arabskaya Noch Annushka.

Updated on 2nd of July 2010: We're happy to announce our "L" letter litter of puppies from our champion parents Arkan and Aja de Brailita.

Updated on 15th of June 2010: The record of our Romanian shepherd of Bukovina dogs.

Updated on 2nd of June 2010: New pictures with Jabar de Brailita.

Updated on 16th of May 2010: New pictures with Izaan de Brailita.

Updated on 11th of May 2010: New pictures with Kasim de Brailita.

National club dog show Brasov (CCRTT) April 25th 2010.

Referee Repina, Rusia.

Kasim de Brailita - baby class-very promising, best baby, Best Baby In Show.

Jeitan de Brailita - males open class-Exc4.

Glory de Brailita - Junior female class-Exc

Dikaya Staya Anushka - females open class - CAC

Jeitan de BrailitaJeitan de Brailita Glory de BrailitaGlory de Brailita Dikaya Staya AnushkaDikaya Staya Anushka Kasim de BrailitaKasim de Brailita Kasim de BrailitaKasim de Brailita trofee2.jpg trofee3.jpg trofee4.jpg

CAC dog show Brasov April 24th 2010.

Referee Vasile Papp.

Kasim de Brailita - males baby class - very promising, Best Baby, Rez.Baby Best In Show.

Dikaya Staya Anushka - females open class - CAC, BOS.

Jeitan de Brailita - males open class - Exc.4.

Glory de Brailita - females junior class - Exc.

Kasim de BrailitaKasim de Brailita Jeitan de BrailitaJeitan de Brailita Kasim de BrailitaKasim de Brailita Glory de BrailitaGlory de Brailita Dikaya Staya AnushkaDikaya Staya Anushka Dikaya Staya AnushkaDikaya Staya Anushka trofee.jpg

CAC dog show Iasi April 24th 2010.

Referee Silviu Stoica

Ursa de Brailita - CAC, BOS, BOB.

ursa_iasi.jpg ursa_iasi2.jpg

CACIB Slobozia dog show April 11th 2010.

Referee Agus Wardahna.

Arkan (Safari de Valeni) - Best Veteran and Veteran Best In Show.

Kira de Brailita exc.1 CAC si Rez.CACIB females open class.

Demon de Brailita exc 4 males junior class.

Abdul (mother Jamie de Brailita) exc3 males mid class.

Bella (mother Jamie de Brailita) exc4 females junior class.

Amma (mother Jamie de Brailita) CAC, CACIB females mid class.

CACIB Slobozia dog show April 10th 2010.

Referee Molnar Zsolt.

Arkan (Safari de Valeni) - Best Veteran and Veteran Best In Show.

arkan_s.JPG arkan2_s.JPG arkan3_s.JPG arkan4_s.JPG arkan5_s.JPG arkan_vbis.jpg arkan_dt.jpg

Kira de Brailita exc.2 females open class.

kira_s.JPG kira2_s.JPG kira3_s.JPG

Glory de Brailita exc.4 females junior class.

gloria_s.jpg gloria2_s.jpg

Abdul (mother Jamie de Brailita) exc3 males mid class.

Frunza de Plai Vrancean (Codin de Brailita - Perla de Humor) - clasa intermediara femele - Exc1, CAC, BOB.



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