de Brailita kennel

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Canisa "de Brailita" -> Our dogs

Our dogs.

We are proud to present our best kavkazkaya ovcharka dogs (caucasian shepherd). This is the general presentation page and for details please select from the menu on the left side exactly the dog or dogs you are interested in.


Arkan (Safari de Valeni) Arkan (Safari de Valeni) Baron de BrailitaBaron de Brailita Izaan de BrailitaIzaan de Brailita Jabar de BrailitaJabar de Brailita Kasim de BrailitaKasim de Brailita



Aja de BrailitaAja de Brailita Faya de BrailitaFaya de Brailita Juna De BrailitaJuna De Brailita Kira De BrailitaKira De Brailita Luna De BrailitaLuna De Brailita Raisa De BrailitaRaisa De Brailita Simba de BrailitaSimba de Brailita Codina De BrailitaCodina De Brailita Dikaya Staya Arabskaia Noch AnushkaDikaya Staya Arabskaia Noch Anushka Sissy De CazasuSissy De Cazasu Iris De BrailitaIris De Brailita


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