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About kavkazskaya ovcharka breed.

It hails from the Caucasus, the space border by the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the far north of Siberia – a tough and varied landscape with extreme temperatures. The origin of kavkazskaya ovcharka it’s mysterious but the most plausible hypothesis backed up by the russian experts it’s that of a natural selection of the mastiffs from the Tibet of two millennia a go.

Shepherding herds and protecting homes in conditions of rough terrain and wild predators was the day to day job for these dogs. They must do this and not only and do it successfully. The kavkazskaya ovcharka is the most feared guard and protection dog, utility by excellence, best shepherd and highly adaptive. He defends at any cost the herds and objectives assigned. Very important is also his survival capability, lacking a special attention he was able to provide for himself without neglecting the job, being considered strong and intelligent enough to be independent.

Many times the females were left to give birth in den which they self dug in the soil. In this spartan environment the puppies passed first the mother selection and only the fittest were kept by the shepherds.
You see why the kavkazskaya is the toughest, incorruptible bodyguard, strong as a bear. It’s assumed that he has the ability to discern between a threat and the simple apparition of a stranger without menacing intentions. The native logic of this dog is that he defends not attacks.

The dog must be educated with authority because it’s stubborn yet extremely intelligent. That’s how he will end up being raised with the family’s cat or children which are adopted by him and protected unconditionally and with the price of his own life. The breed’s standard tells that the native aggressiveness of the kavkazskaya must be controlled by socializing and taming without trying to suppress the instinct to guard and protect. The dog must be taught to accept examination in the show ring. Aggressiveness towards other dogs it’s not penalised but the handler that cannot keep the dog under control will be expulsed from the contest.
A kavkazskaya pack is an undefeated commando gang and the power lies in establishing and obeying the hierarchy. In the Caucasus one way to test the strength and aggressiveness of a dog is the attempt to keep one in leash by two strong men in the presence of a bear. The dog passes the test if he can overcome those two men. It’s been said that the traditionalist shepherds mate their kavkazskaya females with wild wolves to obtain a fierce “new blood”. They also have animals of immense strength and weighting frequently over 100 kilos.

From the ancient times the kavkazskaya comes into the world to become “alpha” and make no mistake no other dog could defend you better that a kavkazskaya ovcharka.


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