de Brailita kennel

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Canisa "de Brailita" -> Photo gallery

Photo gallery.

We will present here representative dogs related with our kennel in one way or another.

Luna de Brailita

Luna.jpg Luna2.JPG

Moro de Brailita (Baron de Brailita - Codina de Brailita).

Moro1.jpg Moro2.jpg Moro3.jpg Moro4.jpg Moro5.jpg

Arkan and Vina (from the early beginnings).


Hanka (Arkan and Uli).

Hanka.jpg Hanka2.jpg Hanka3.jpg Hanka4.jpg Hanka5.jpg Hanka6.jpg

Putna (Arkan and Daria).

Putna.jpg Putna2.jpg Putna3.jpg

Taiga (Arkan and Jaika).


Tajga (Arkan and Jaika).

Tajga.jpg Tajga2.jpg Tajga3.jpg Tajga4.jpg

Ursa (Arkan and Pusi).

Ursa.jpg Ursa2.jpg Ursa3.jpg Ursa4.jpg Ursa5.jpg

Luca (Capone si Vina).

luca.jpg luca2.jpg luca3.jpg luca4.jpg


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